We can't really enjoy the enormity of who we are, because we have forgotten who we are beyond the borders of our own restricted internal barriers and the constraints we have imposed on our emotional world' (Debbie Ford)
At some point in our lives we experience feelings and thoughts that are difficult to be with, but they are persistent and want our attention. Perhaps these thoughts and feelings are a result of a major life change: break up of a relationship, loss of a loved one, job loss or a loss of oneself where you feel that you are not certain as to whom you are anymore and why your life has taken the course it has. 

There might be a deep yearning to reconnect with that lost part of your being and rediscover your authentic self. Whatever experiences you are going through in your life right now, they may cause you to feel: 

Deep pain
Disconnected from others
Disconnected from your authentic self

Due to these feelings and thoughts, one may engage in behavioural patterns that are self-destructive and further add to the confusion and pain. Whatever you are experiencing, it does not need to be dealt with in isolation and confusion. 

If you are willing and ready to embark on your healing journey, I would love to guide you through it. Having a professional who can help facilitate your own healing in a safe, confidential and empathetic environment is what I offer.

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